Will the Miami Heat Start Tanking?

The Miami Heat are a team that is looked at as a dead team walking. It is for this reason that the team may want to look at the potential of tanking in order to survive and get some help from the draft. The loss of Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh due to the fact that he failed his physical due to issues involving blood clots. While a lot of people within the team will not embrace the concept of tanking as they still think that they can save the the Heats season. There are arguments in favor of staying the course as well as tanking the season and regrouping in the off season. Lets take a moment to look at both sides of this debate.

Tanking the Season
There are a number of reasons why the Heat should look at taking the easy way out and let their season simply tank. The current roster is not what it used to be when Lebron James and Dewayne Wade were running the NBA. After James left, Wade was not too far behind him and went to greener pastures. This has left the team in a situation that made them vulnerable.

Chris Bosh had the hopes and dreams of the Heat placed on his shoulders and due to a recurring issue involving blood clots, he has been deemed not able to compete. This an the injury to Goran Dragic has left the team in a situation that tanking the team is the only thing that makes sense. Luke Babbitt is now the one that has had the entire hopes of the team placed on his shoulders. While Babbit is a strong player, he is not at the level the Heat needs him to be at in order to be successful in leading the Heat to a winning season. While at the moment their season is at 4-9 it is still too early to look at the option of tanking the season.

Not Tanking the Season

There are those that will say that tanking the season is not the best option as there is the potential of making some key trades and getting a little power where they need it the most. These trades could be enough to breathe a little life back into the team and give them the spark that they need to get to a winning season. The overall hope is that they will be able to hit the playoffs still and win them a championship. The hope behind this is that if they manage to do that, then they will attract some players that will want to be on a winning team.

Pat Riley who is looked at by many in the world of basketball is not one to simply take the team and tank them. Riley knows that while things are tough and seem to be out of reach, the Miami Heat has the needed power and skill to get the team back on track. One thing that all fans and executives of the Heat are hoping for is that Chris Bosh will be able to get medically cleared and help Luke Babbitt in carrying the team to another World Championship. No matter what side of the argument you are on, there will be some serious discussion on the situation.

The Miami Heat is a team that has a lot of potential if they really put their mind to it. Tanking the season will not be the preferred path that the team will want to take. Playing the season out will be what many people in the Heat organization see the team doing and the path that they will be going down.


Will Chris Bosh Ever Play for the Miami Heat Again?

Chris Bosh may not play for the Miami Heat again because of the blood clots in his body. Clotting is a common issue among large men who play sports, and it often becomes fatal by age 50. This article explains why Chris may never play for the team again, and his reign with the team may end because of his health rather than his play. This is a story of what may happen if Chris is allowed to play again.

#1: His Career Has Come To A Standstill

Chris is the highest-paid player on the team, but he is not the most-effective player on the team. Hassan Whiteside is clearly the new star in Miami, and Chris is old enough that his role would change with the team regardless of his health. It is quite difficult to look past Chris’ age, and his performance will never be quite the same because he is so unhealthy.

#2: His Blood Clots Are A Serious Concern

The Miami Heat are quite scared that Chris could die on the court or in practice if a blood clot is dislodged from his arteries. They are in a liability situation that forces them to consider what may happen if he is gravely-ill or dies why performing his duties. The team can afford his contract, but they cannot afford the PR scandal that could come about if Chris died or became dramatically ill. Basketball fans are watching the team, and they need reassurance that Chris will be treated fairly. The best of fans want Chris to stop playing for his own safety, but the decision is up to the team doctor.

#3: Will He Be Cleared By A Team Doctor?

The team doctor is the only person qualified to clear Chris for duty. He is not safe on the NBA court until the team doctor believes he may play. The team doctor will not make a hasty decision, and Chris’ condition may not improve at all. His condition may become so difficult that he cannot be as active as he once was. His younger days are long behind him, and he has won the championships he came to the NBA for. His career may well end because there is no team doctor in the league who will clear him, and his career is complete as it is.

#4: He Loves Miami

Chris will not leave Miami, and there is no other team in the league that will take him on. The team that takes him on is asking for trouble as they wait for something to happen with his health. His health will not improve in the slightest if he is stressed, and he cannot remain calm if his name is shopped as potential trade fodder. The Heat are more likely to ask Chris to retire, and his retirement will be a sign that they may keep him in the front office or as an advisor to the team. Chris is a powerful player with a pedigree that dates back to Georgia Tech, and he may train Hassan Whiteside effectively even as a newly-retired player.

Production is down under Chris, and he will not recover to the level he once was. His career was marred by bad stretches that included giving the ball up to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. These two kept quite a lot of the stats that Chris would have had, and now he may retire knowing that his career was not meant to be perfect. He may retire as a member of the Heat knowing that this is his home team for life.


Miami Heat’s Moves in the Summer of 2016

Heat Headed in New Direction 

The Miami Heat were a compelling team in the 2016 offseason. They seemed to be on the cusp of competing for the Eastern Conference title last season. These hopes were dashed as they lost to the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs. Many experts thought a few good moves in the summer would help the team compete in the East this season. Many pundits had their eye on Miami in the offseason.


One thing is clear after the summer. The Heat are starting over. The team has a different look. Dwayne Wade is the most obvious deaparture this season. The future hall of famer spent his entire career in Miami. When he left for Chicago, it became clear that GM Pat Riley was taking the team in a new direction.

Wade wasn’t the only veteran shooting guard that left. Joe Johnson headed west to play in Utah. The Heat also lost veteran forwards Luol Deng and Gerald Green to the Lakers and the Celtics respectively. Veteran PF Amare Stoudemire wasn’t much of a factor last year and decided to retire. The Heat would have been a pretty unstoppable if they had all of these players 5 years ago, but most of them were past their prime.


It isn’t really an addition, but the most important thing Miami did was retain the services of Hassan Whiteside. He is one of the best defensive centers in the NBA. Whiteside is the most important player on the team, thanks to the health concerns that are keeping Chris Bosh off the court. The Heat didn’t make a lot of big moves, so retaining a star defender is their de facto best addition.

The Heat did sign some players, although they were mostly role players and veteran journeyman. The biggest name that they signed was probably Dion Waiters. Waiters is a proficient scorer and should be able to make up some of the points lost with Wade and Johnson, but he has had some issues meshing with teammates in the past. They also signed former North Carolina Tar Heel guard Wayne Ellington for $12 million over 2 years, not a bad pay day for a player who has averaged 7 points a game for his career. He has yet to play this season thanks to injuries.

As you can see, the immediate future isn’t too bright for the Heat. The team’s starting five will look this during the 2016-17 season.

PG – Goran Dragic
SG – Dion Waiters
SF – Justice Winslow
PF – Udonis Haslem
C – Hassan Whiteside

Rebuilding year

The 2016-17 season is a rebuilding year for the Heat. The team’s starting lineup doesn’t blow anyone away on paper. They have lived up to expectations so far this season with a record of 4-9. Riley understands you have to be bad to become good again in the NBA. Mediocrity is a never ending cycle.


There are some positives for the Heat. Justice Winslow, the second year player out of Duke, has almost doubled his ppg. He is also leading the squad in steals. Coach Erik Spoelestra thinks he can help lead the team into a successful future. Whiteside is definitely the central focus of the franchise. The big man is leading the Heat in points, rebounds, and blocks this season. He has recorded an impressive 2.7 blocks per game.

All in all, The Heat are a solid defensive unit. I don’t see where the points are going to come from with this line up, though. It will be interesting to see how they further develop the line up in the future. They could make some trades during the season to acquire some assets.


Best Players in Miami Heat History

1. Dwayne Wade

Even though he will be playing for the Chicago Bulls this season, Dwayne Wade holds the crown as the most successful player in the history of the Miami Heat. Dwayne Wade is the all-time leader in field goals, games played and points. Dwayne Wade was 1/3rd of the Big 3 that helped to lead the Miami Heat to two NBA championships between 2010 and 2014.

However, Dwyane Wade’s finest moment came in the 2006 NBA Finals in which he averaged 34.7 PPG per game. He led the Miami Heat back from a 2-0 deficit to win the series.

2. Lebron James

Lebron James is the best player in the world. It is hard to place him 2nd to any basketball player for any category. Yet, Lebron James only played 4 years for the Miami Heat. However, this did not stop him from being the all-time leader in points per game and minutes per game. He was also in the top 5 in franchise history in 2-point field goals and free throws.

Lebron James was the heart and soul of the big 3 Era in Miami that led the Heat to back-to-back NBA championships. The Miami Heat made the NBA Finals in every year that he was on the team.

3. Alonzo Mourning

Before Dwayne Wade came along, Alonzo Mourning was one of the first individuals that you thought about when the words “Miami Heat” came to mind. Alonzo Mourning is in the top 10 in Miami Heat history in several statistical categories. These stats include games, minutes played, 2 point field goals, blocks, etc. Alonzo Mourning has more than double the amount of blocks of any player in franchise history.

Alonzo Mourning retired from the NBA in 2003 to deal with kidney disease complications. However, he would return to the NBA less than two years ago. After a brief stint with the Nets, he would rejoin the Miami Heat in 2005. He would become an NBA champion in 2006.

4. Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is the third leg of the Big 3 that made a huge impact in Miami when Lebron James was around. Bo He has played a pivotal role in the paint and has even developed a 3 point shot to stretch the floor. In six seasons with the Heat, Chris Bosh averaged 18.0 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. He has averaged nearly 50% from field goal range.

After Lebron James left for Cleveland, Chris Bosh remained in Miami and has only raised his scoring average. He has averaged 21.1 PPG and 19.0 PPG over the past two games.

5. Glen Rice

Although Glen Rice played for six NBA teams, he played the majority of his career with the Miami Heat. He averaged 19.3 PPG during his career with the Miami Heat. Glen Rice is 2nd in franchise history in terms of field goals and 3rd in franchise history in terms of 3-point field goals. Additionally, he is 4th in franchise history in terms of points per game.