Will Chris Bosh Ever Play for the Miami Heat Again?

Chris Bosh may not play for the Miami Heat again because of the blood clots in his body. Clotting is a common issue among large men who play sports, and it often becomes fatal by age 50. This article explains why Chris may never play for the team again, and his reign with the team may end because of his health rather than his play. This is a story of what may happen if Chris is allowed to play again.

#1: His Career Has Come To A Standstill

Chris is the highest-paid player on the team, but he is not the most-effective player on the team. Hassan Whiteside is clearly the new star in Miami, and Chris is old enough that his role would change with the team regardless of his health. It is quite difficult to look past Chris’ age, and his performance will never be quite the same because he is so unhealthy.

#2: His Blood Clots Are A Serious Concern

The Miami Heat are quite scared that Chris could die on the court or in practice if a blood clot is dislodged from his arteries. They are in a liability situation that forces them to consider what may happen if he is gravely-ill or dies why performing his duties. The team can afford his contract, but they cannot afford the PR scandal that could come about if Chris died or became dramatically ill. Basketball fans are watching the team, and they need reassurance that Chris will be treated fairly. The best of fans want Chris to stop playing for his own safety, but the decision is up to the team doctor.

#3: Will He Be Cleared By A Team Doctor?

The team doctor is the only person qualified to clear Chris for duty. He is not safe on the NBA court until the team doctor believes he may play. The team doctor will not make a hasty decision, and Chris’ condition may not improve at all. His condition may become so difficult that he cannot be as active as he once was. His younger days are long behind him, and he has won the championships he came to the NBA for. His career may well end because there is no team doctor in the league who will clear him, and his career is complete as it is.

#4: He Loves Miami

Chris will not leave Miami, and there is no other team in the league that will take him on. The team that takes him on is asking for trouble as they wait for something to happen with his health. His health will not improve in the slightest if he is stressed, and he cannot remain calm if his name is shopped as potential trade fodder. The Heat are more likely to ask Chris to retire, and his retirement will be a sign that they may keep him in the front office or as an advisor to the team. Chris is a powerful player with a pedigree that dates back to Georgia Tech, and he may train Hassan Whiteside effectively even as a newly-retired player.

Production is down under Chris, and he will not recover to the level he once was. His career was marred by bad stretches that included giving the ball up to Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. These two kept quite a lot of the stats that Chris would have had, and now he may retire knowing that his career was not meant to be perfect. He may retire as a member of the Heat knowing that this is his home team for life.