Will the Miami Heat Start Tanking?

The Miami Heat are a team that is looked at as a dead team walking. It is for this reason that the team may want to look at the potential of tanking in order to survive and get some help from the draft. The loss of Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh due to the fact that he failed his physical due to issues involving blood clots. While a lot of people within the team will not embrace the concept of tanking as they still think that they can save the the Heats season. There are arguments in favor of staying the course as well as tanking the season and regrouping in the off season. Lets take a moment to look at both sides of this debate.

Tanking the Season
There are a number of reasons why the Heat should look at taking the easy way out and let their season simply tank. The current roster is not what it used to be when Lebron James and Dewayne Wade were running the NBA. After James left, Wade was not too far behind him and went to greener pastures. This has left the team in a situation that made them vulnerable.

Chris Bosh had the hopes and dreams of the Heat placed on his shoulders and due to a recurring issue involving blood clots, he has been deemed not able to compete. This an the injury to Goran Dragic has left the team in a situation that tanking the team is the only thing that makes sense. Luke Babbitt is now the one that has had the entire hopes of the team placed on his shoulders. While Babbit is a strong player, he is not at the level the Heat needs him to be at in order to be successful in leading the Heat to a winning season. While at the moment their season is at 4-9 it is still too early to look at the option of tanking the season.

Not Tanking the Season

There are those that will say that tanking the season is not the best option as there is the potential of making some key trades and getting a little power where they need it the most. These trades could be enough to breathe a little life back into the team and give them the spark that they need to get to a winning season. The overall hope is that they will be able to hit the playoffs still and win them a championship. The hope behind this is that if they manage to do that, then they will attract some players that will want to be on a winning team.

Pat Riley who is looked at by many in the world of basketball is not one to simply take the team and tank them. Riley knows that while things are tough and seem to be out of reach, the Miami Heat has the needed power and skill to get the team back on track. One thing that all fans and executives of the Heat are hoping for is that Chris Bosh will be able to get medically cleared and help Luke Babbitt in carrying the team to another World Championship. No matter what side of the argument you are on, there will be some serious discussion on the situation.

The Miami Heat is a team that has a lot of potential if they really put their mind to it. Tanking the season will not be the preferred path that the team will want to take. Playing the season out will be what many people in the Heat organization see the team doing and the path that they will be going down.